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PublishedPublished: 1/11/2023


The Librarian works in the IADC Department of Studies and is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Studies. The Department of Studies is responsible for the development and delivery of graduate-level education that prepares military, national police and civilian government officials from member or observer nations of the Organization of the American States (OAS) to assume senior strategic-level positions within their governments. The Librarian is the IADC’s primary coordinator with the National Defense University (NDU) Library, and other libraries with which the IADC holds an official agreement, and assists students, faculty and staff in accessing and navigating these libraries’ printed and electronic resources, and all other related library functions. The incumbent also manages the IADC Learning Center and the administration, cataloguing and acquisition of its resources, and manages the IADC’s educational technology services, such as its Learning Management System (LMS, i.e., Moodle), which contains course-related materials, and other associated online resources.


1. Library Coordinator for Research, Reference, and Circulation with National Defense University (NDU) Library

a. Serves as the primary IADC coordinator with the NDU Library, and any other library with which the IADC holds an official agreement, to provide IADC faculty and students with in-depth reference and research tools as well as reference, acquisition and circulation support.

b. Assists IADC personnel with bibliographic development using the on-line catalog and databases, and instructs students on search methods online and through other library sources, for material within the IADC Library’s holdings, as well as for external libraries with which the IADC collaborates.

c. Arranges outreach for IADC students and faculty researching for their individual work by contacting other resource centers and international organizations.

2. Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Center Management

a. Oversees the contract execution, maintenance, access, and sustainment of the IADC’s educational technology services, to include Moodle LMS, Turnitin, and various online subscriptions. Key interface participant with Classter, the IADC Student Information System (SIS).

b. Organizes and maintains the Learning Center physical and digital resources, and facilitates their integration into the IADC’s educational offerings.

c. Coordinates with the IADC Information Technology Division, IADC Resource Management Department, and other stakeholders for planning, maintenance and upgrades to electronic research/study resources.

d. Maintains and updates guidelines for the use of the Language Lab in the Learning Center, when required.

e. Works with internal and external stakeholders to ensure support and access to research and study materials, to include general research support to the IADC Research Division, to faculty and staff for publication support, to IADC alumni initiatives requiring resource access, and other IADC-related academic projects.

f. Provides supervision to interns, as assigned.

3. Acquisitions

a. Promptly processes requests for all books or any other required library material as identified by members of the IADC or as directed by the supervisor.

i. Performs manual and on-line (through the Library of Congress, the Internet, etc.), bibliographic searches in several languages for new acquisitions, verifying correct author, publisher, date, and prices to avoid duplications.

ii. Substitutes, when possible, with suitable and adequate material if the desired book or journal is unavailable or is checked out.

b. Assists in responding to faculty requests for publications/ documentation to support course curriculum. Reviews professional publications and publisher’s catalogs in comparison to course curriculum and recommends acquisitions for approval by the immediate supervisor.

c. Screens and evaluates publications to determine usefulness to the curriculum and their addition to the Learning Center reference capability.

4. Cataloging

a. Responsible for cataloging all Learning Center material.

b. Analyzes material in the Learning Center and determines the proper classification number according to the Library of Congress Classification System (LCCS). Responsible for the analysis of material in order to assign the proper subject heading according to the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

c. Responsible for the cataloging of all Learning Center materials, which either hold, or do not hold master records on the On-line Computer Library Center (OCLC) system. Update those items not holding master records on OCLC to the new International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD) and Anglo-American Cataloging Rules II (AACRII) for the appropriate description in Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) format.

d. Responsible for indexing and cataloging documents of various international organizations and government bodies with their special classification systems in the Learning Center.

e. IADC Archives

i. Conducts inventories of all IADC publications. Posts those authorized by the author on the IADC web site.

ii. Files and maintains a historical archive of all Guest Speaker tapes, with Information Management section assistance when necessary, to make them retrievable and available for loan.

iii. Files and maintains significant historical IADC documents as directed by the Chief of Studies.

iv. Maintains an archive of duplicate volumes and country donations.

5. Administration of IADC Learning Center, Moodle LMS, and Turnitin

a. Responsible for identifying requirements and preparing the Learning Center budget request for the immediate supervisor. Maintains all invoices, bills, and files copies of purchase orders via the IADC’s internal purchase management system.

b. Keeps up-to-date records on subscription renewals, changes in price, and prepares the list for the annual department budget request for the Library.

c. Conducts correspondence in English or other languages as applicable, to publishers worldwide regarding requests for information or claims for non-delivery.

d. Maintains correspondence with other libraries, publishing houses, institutions, international organizations, etc.

e. Provides appropriate level permissions to personnel requiring access to course materials posted on the Moodle LMS.

f. Monitors the proper operations and use of the Leaning Center resources.

g. Manages all aspects of IADC contracts with and

h. Master administrator of Moodle LMS and Turnitin.

6. Miscellaneous Duties

a. Maintains and creates web-based reference links, bibliographies, and the IADC Library web page to help faculty and students in their research.

b. Provides academic support to students, to include tutoring and training sessions, support workshops, collaboration of bibliographic research and information-seeking instruction into courses and curriculum, management of databases, and other general support.

c. Provides academic support to faculty, to include classroom support, editing support of the IADC’s Hemisferio publication, in-service workshops, solicited acquisitions, citation verification, student paper documentation, remediation support, LMS and other support.



A variety of library tasks are performed to administer library operations and services, ensuring the availability of bibliographic material for academic courses and providing reference material and research support for faculty and students. While the majority of workload fluctuates cyclically with the course schedule, there are periods of increased workload due to unexpected demands of the students participating in courses and from late notification of required reference materials. Support to faculty and students and adherence to their deadlines is essential in providing adequate library services.


The incumbent uses a variety of administrative and cataloging guidelines including: Course Syllabi, Plan of Studies, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules II, Library of Congress manuals for cataloging, and OCLC Prisma Manuals. Other guidelines include cataloging of books and periodicals used for acquisitions.

The incumbent receives direct supervision from the Chief of Studies via the Deputy Chief of Studies in terms of the goals and objectives of the IADC. Work is reviewed to determine if the incumbent has performed his/her duties satisfactorily.


The incumbent will have the opportunity to supervise interns who are temporarily assigned to the Department of Studies.


The incumbent will establish and actively participate in a professional growth and development plan that will be endorsed by the Chief of Studies and ultimately approved by the IADC Director. Membership in a professional library and information science association is a part of this plan.


The incumbent maintains the budget records of the Library and Learning Center as well as supplies and circulation of books and periodicals. Submits inputs to the Chief, Research and Publications Division, for inclusion in the annual Studies Department budget request.


INSIDE - Contacts with IADC faculty, staff and students to exchange information and more importantly purchasing academic materials, assist with research/course reference materials, disseminate IADC periodical/Journal subscriptions, and provide access to Moodle course materials.

OUTSIDE - Contacts with a variety of book and periodical suppliers in the acquisition of materials as well as other resource centers in processing inter-library loans. Both require exchange of information and establishment of mutual understanding of delivery/return parameters. Contact with external librarians, such as from NDU, and others is required to ensure IADC students are fully supported in their research needs. Contact with the Moodle LMS and Turnitin servicing contractors.


The incumbent will train IADC users on basic technology skills and various on-line research tools to include NDU search engines, and potentially those of other external libraries. Creates training materials and provides instruction on proper citation methods using the Chicago Manual of Style.


The Librarian uses a computer terminal to perform on-line searches on the Internet for the latest news, as well as other reference material of importance to the curriculum. He/she also uses the terminal to perform circulation, budgeting, and tracking of publications received. Must be familiar with database manipulation. Must be knowledgeable in Classter SIS, Microsoft Office 365 Software Suite (Share Point, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel), and other digital tools such Turnitin, OneNote, Adobe Acrobat and document overlay software designed to enhance research and citation techniques.


a. Education

A Master’s Degree in Library Science, or equivalent, is required; a Doctorate Degree is highly desired. Education or experience in Latin American studies, international relations, or security and defense matters is highly desired.

b. Experience

Two years of experience providing reference and/or library instruction services is required. Experience in establishing and maintaining a heritage library is desired.

c. Language Skills

The College’s official languages are: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Reading, writing, and speaking in English and at least one (1) of the other languages is required to interface with users and perform cataloging and reference functions. Capabilities in the remaining two languages is highly desired.

d. Competencies

(1) Knowledge of web page administration and strong information management skills.

(2) Effective writing skills, including the ability to edit bibliographic material, and advanced familiarity with The Chicago Manual of Style.

(3) Comprehensive knowledge of computer library catalogs and bibliographic databases.

(4) Knowledge, skill, and abilities in acquiring books, journals, and electronic resources from varied sources.

(5) Is considered the IADC subject matter expert (SME) for citation and plagiarism research/Turnitin.

(6) Effective organizational skills and the ability to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time.

(7) Familiarity with academic content related to the Inter-American System, international organizations, and defense and security themes.

(8) Ability to work in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment with students, faculty, staff and members of the international community.


a. This position qualifies for US tax reimbursement for US and permanent residents. The salary for US and permanent residents is $70,900 plus tax reimbursement, with a pensionable salary of $86,770. The IADB offers Health and Life Insurance, a pension plan, two weeks of paid vacation, and ten days of sick leave annually.

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